By far the most loved Halloween prop I have made is the Shish-Ka-Barbie. My friend built me a box the size of a small grill. I try to recycle as much as possible when making my props, so I roam the thrift stores, yard sales, etc and I frequently stumble on cool stuff!! I got a couple of the big Barbie heads made their hair ugly and took a blow-torch lightly to their faces to "corpse them out". I had a camping accessory which was a kind of table with a bar across the top. I ---- one of the large heads there and attached the other to a big skewer and a rotissorrie motor. In the belly of the box I put a small florescent light with orange cover over it to resemble hot coals. I placed a grill top on the box and added mini Barbie heads, also corpsed out on smaller skewers alternately with plastic fall vegetables. I took small skulls and attached them to the headless Barbies and dressed them in cute outfits and placed them around the grill. The same guy who built the box also donated a vintage gas cylinder and 2 knobs from an old stove that was set for trash pick up.

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